Dominique J. Russeo

A bard with WAY too much personality for his own good, or anyone else's.


Dominique J. Russeo, soldier by profession, artist by nature, hero by hearsay. Dominique is a man of buoyant, extreme optimism, and massive personality. Combine his boundless optimism with a complete inability to learn a lesson and possible mental problems leading to poor decision making and you get the perfect recipe for disaster. Dominique plays the saxophone, because it’s the coolest instrument (although he knows others), and expertly duels his enemies with finesse weapons, although this could just be rumor, as it hasn’t been seen much. Dominique is lanky, with long, wavy blonde hair and a twirly mustache and goatee. He wears a ruffled pirate’s blouse, as well as a blood-red cape and a straw hat. When in uniform as the “Jack of Hearts”, Dominique wears a mask with a playing card (the Jack of Hearts) over one of his eye-slits.


We know Dominique was a soldier, and we know somebody is after him. He also has a particular suspicion of sentient magic items, possibly tied to his backstory, or possibly just another strange quirk. Either way, he truly is an “enigma-wrapped-mystery-stuffed-into-a-puzzle-buried-under-six-feet-of-secret-and-lightly-drizzled-over-by-riddle”.

Current Held Magic Items:
The Katana Positioning System,
The Cape of the Babyface

Vlad the Butcher: Very little interaction, but not on bad terms.
Kain Blazesworn: Way to uptight and bossy, he could definitely take it down a notch. Doesn’t know why he calls him a “scoundrel”. Maybe doesn’t even know what “scoundrel” means.
“Kaz”: The one he’s interacted with the most, suspicious of his intentions to some degree, but still trusts him. Believes they are FAR better friends then they actually are, but that goes for everyone.
Patrick Stump (Rumplestumple): Has openly mocked in the past, not on great terms. So far, no effort to make amends has been made from either side.
Eomund Hearthgard: Is generally confused about him, as he seems to disapprove of anything he, or anyone else, does.

Dominique J. Russeo

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