Kain Blazesworn

A human cleric devoted to the sun.


Kain is a no-nonsense human male with blue eyes and shaved brown hair. He has a some stubble on his chin. He wears the holy symbol of Pelor on an amulet at all times, and is rarely seen without his trusty flail, which is a family heirloom passed through the Blazesworn family for generations.

It is ill-advised to sneak up on him, since he is easily startled and always has guiding bolt prepared.

Kain often comes up with moderately insulting names to use in place of someone’s actual name. Eomund is pretty much the only member of the party he truly respects, as he appears to be above the shenanigans the rest of the group partakes in.


Greetings brother! I am Kain of family Blazesworn. From a young age, I served in the sword arm of the Grand Temple of Pelor as my father did, and his father before him. I traveled Iorune, slaying monsters and bringing light to the dark alongside my brethren. Sadly, my service came to an abrupt end after I discovered a corruption which had developed within the temple. After discovering the vile forces which had consumed the Grand Temple’s leadership, I gathered my things and set off to spread incandescence to the dark places of the world.

I have somehow entered the company of a band of ruffians upon a vessel many would refer to as a “pirate ship.” Better than my former situation, perhaps.

Kain Blazesworn

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