What happens when you take a battery, a piratical attitude, and a horrible past? You get "Kaz"


(So first off I couldn’t figure out a way to change my original sheet, so that’s why this is here)

“Kaz” is the party’s resident druid, lightning druid, that happens to be working with some sort of elemental force. Dirty-blonde hair that’s extremely unkempt, and also swept over his left eye seeming to cover some sort of tattoo over the eye. Dark blue dyed armor with the right sleeve torn off at the shoulder, along with some almost unnoticeable lightning scars along his arms and legs and face and hands.

Tattoos to take note of:
On right palm: the depiction of a snake wrapped around a cloud
Left eye: Unknown.


While some of Kaz’s life before adventuring has been divulged there is still quite a bit unknown about the party’s lightning druid. We do know that he sailed with his proclaimed brother Vlad Frankov on some sort of pirate ship before leaving to head for the mainland of Iorune, and eventually meeting up with the current party in the Dwarf-held lands. When reaching the lands held by the elves Kaz became distracted by a storm that was passing overhead.

Later upon reaching Cauldron Kaz discovered an abandoned temple to his druidic circle. Receiving a map from a locked chest hidden in the temple he used it to devise a route to best benefit himself.

When he dons his mask he becomes Kaz the Thunderbolt his pirate alter ego. His mask has an exploded left eye slot, and a smashed mouth area with a thunderbolt scar across the right eye.

Current Held Magic Items:
“The Chalice”
Barry the Bat
Map of Mapping

Vlad Frankov: Friendly towards him, treats him like family
Kain Blazesworn: Believes he has good intentions for a holy man. Feels he should try to get closer even though when he tries to talk he gets referred to as a “Heathen”.
Dominique J. Russeo: Seems to despise him with all his heart, but has been known to show a strange camaraderie by working so well with him.
Patty Rumplestumple: Since he’s taken Patty as a cooking disciple Kaz has warmed up to her, teaching her the ropes of the craft, “So when he’s gone, she can still make food for the lot.”
Eomund Hearthgard: Very quiet, values him as an intellectual equal because of the planning the two do.
Wesley the thunder snake: A storm elemental that has recently appeared, seems to have some sort of relationship with Kaz. Resides within Kaz’s right palm tattoo.


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