Road to Pirates! is a d&d 5e campaign run by me, about a gang of misfit adventurers united by a common goal: To become pirates!

Road to Pirates is set in a custom world called Kharzen, with mostly standard races and classes, the Greyhawk deities and some custom monsters.

So far, the group has:
-Escorted beer across the Ghostlands to sell to dwarven soldiers stranded in Elflands.
-Attempted to join, then abandon a mercenary group called the Strongswords.
-Cleared a fortress full of Koa-Toa for a bullywug town, and befriend a bullywug salesman.
-Become pirates.
-Found a freaky map and an enchanted chalice.
-Freed a town from the clutches of the Foulspawn.
-Journeyed to Nandor.
-Competed in the Nandor games.

And the K.O. count is: 11.

Road to Pirates!

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