Road to Pirates!

Road To Pirates #6
An Obstacle In The Path! Kaz goes off alone! Part 1/Part 2

Welcome back, it’s been a while. I realize I may not ave’ been quiet as speedy in my duties as I should ave’ been, but I am back nonetheless. Today, we ave’ an exciting tale, it covers more ground than most, because I’ve been gone for a while, so behold! An Obstacle In The Path!

Upon arriving in Nandor, I, Dominique J. Russeo, began the hunt for information regarding my homeland, while the “Kaz” went off into the wilderness to search for something. While Kaz searched the woods, the rest of us competed in the Nandor Games, a competition of strength and skill. Eventually, we finished the games with a great victory from…. Eomund Hearthgard maybe? I don’t actually remember who won. Anyway, that’s not the important part, Kaz had met a Mysterious Woman, who helped him find the tower he was searching for. However, upon arriving at his objective, Kaz was bitten and nearly slain by a werewolf. Shortly afterwards, we raced off to search for Kaz, for… some reason, mostly we just followed Kain Blazesworn, who rode off on Lion. Eventually we found him, and he convinced the others to leave him alone, but not I, I waited and hid, eavesdropped on his conversation and snuck back to the tower. Kaz and I had a brief (probably multi-hour, actually) encounter at the tower, before I headed out to tell the others about the Mysterious Woman. We had accepted a job from her, and while I was gone, Eomund Hearthgard had hired a minotaur to join us, and Patrick Stump (Rumplestumple) had set the kitchen on fire by accident. I put the fire out while the rest attempted to leave and sneak up on Kaz. Long story short, everyone made it back to the boat, and we awoke in the night to find an accursed boat assaulting the shores, I don’t remember the name, it was, like [[The Arial Scandanavian, The Hovering Caucasian, The Soaring Inuit, The Skybound Chap, etc. | The Arial Scandanavian, The Hovering Caucasian, The Soaring Inuit, The Skybound Chap, etc.]], something like that. We sailed into battle, confronting the captain and eventually slaying him, and somehow absorbing his soul into a strange amulet that “Kaz” was carrying, we are currently unaware of what this means.

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Road to Pirates #5
Foulspawn Attack! Seaport in flames!

Bonjour mon ami! Welcome back to my adventures with my friends! This time, we face off with some foul enemies, buckle your bootstraps, it’s time for adventure.

Picking up from where we left off, we set sail for an island a ways off from Iorune, to find a friend of Jollylegs Stu‘s. After docking in Seaport, we discovered that the town was empty, and in ruins. We ventured around, discovering a shrine to an evil god, and then Dominique J. Russeo and “Kaz” broke into a keep. The keep was also empty, though we did find a magic sword (which we didn’t keep) and a box full of shoes. We ventured into a cave, found the Mayor, and battled some evil, twisted creatures known as Foulspawn with the help of Wesley the Thundersnake. As it turns out, the Foulspawn had attacked Seaport and captured most of the occupants, as well as Vlad the Butcher from our ship. We freed the captives, but there was a far more dangerous threat to deal with, a portal to a strange realm with different gravity than ours. I ventured in, finding nothing but a Foulspawn encampment in the distance and Barry the Bat. I took Barry the Bat out of the portal with me, then we destroyed the portal, caved in the cavern and fled the scene. When we returned we found Bullymore, First Mate and Eomund Hearthgard’s owl at the ship. Apparently they had held off the attacking Foulspawn, shredding them up and turning them purple. We left Seaport, and on the way Patrick Stump (Rumplestumple) made a meal (which was awful), and Kain Blazesworn and I (Dominique J. Russeo) taught Bullymore how to speak basic common, as well as how to say “friend” in Elven. Eventually we arrived in Nandor, “Kaz” left to search for something, and I (Dominique J. Russeo) pursued information about my home Red Valley, and was directed to a Soothsayer of sorts, what information was revealed? Tune in next time to find out!

Next Time: An Obstacle In The Path! Kaz goes off alone!

Road to Pirates #4
Tensions Rise! The party takes sides!

Welcome back to the daring tales of me and my comrades, “The Unnamed Pirates”! This time, the party amps it up, gird your loins, ladies and gentlemen, things are about to get real.

We resume where we left off, the party has just found The Chalice, and returns to the village, hoping to get Vlad the Butcher turned back to his normal self. During the dwarf druid’s ritual to fix Vlad the Butcher, Dominique J. Russeo, believing The Chalice was sentient and was attempting to control it’s wielder, “Kaz”, attempted to steal it. “Kaz” noticed his attempt and eventually the confrontation came to blows in the middle of town. The dwarf druid captured everyone in vines, entangling their legs, and only due to the quick thinking of two of the party’s members, Kain and Patrick Stump (Rumplestumple) did the dwarf let them go. The party left the island, with the added stowaway of Bullymore , still tense about the fight in the village, and Kaz convinced us to not give The Chalice to The Strongswords. After arriving back in the Elven Lands, we decided to try to join up with Jollylegs Stu and his crew. Jollylegs Stu gladly accepted us, and we realized his only other crew member was a dog, First Mate. The party settled into their roles on the ship, with “Kaz” as the chef, Dominique J. Russeo as the heavy-artillery-man and Eomund Hearthgard as the lookout. Dominique J. Russeo attempted to apologize to “Kaz” for their earlier conflict, and the party set out to Cauldron so they could run some errands. While there, some party members decided on pirate identities, wearing masks and fake names. Patrick Stump (Rumplestumple) as “Patty Rumplestumple”, with a mask that resembles a demonic nightmare hell beast, and yours truly as the “Jack of Hearts”. While in Cauldron, “Kaz” followed directions from The Chalice and found a hidden map of The world as we know it! (Kharzan) With this map in hand, he posed dramatically in the wind, and then he, with other party members in tow, headed back to the ship.

NEXT TIME: Foulspawn Attack! Seaport in flames!

Road to Pirates #3
Danger in the Jungle! A mysterious village!

Welcome back to another exciting adventure with the “Unnamed Pirates”, so far we’ve journeyed to an island in search of a magical chalice to join a mercenary crew, battling many dangers along the way, such as a hag. Hold onto your hats, some real heroism is about to take place.

A while after setting off to find the chalice, our party noticed smoke in the sky, heading in that direction, we happened upon a village, a village populated by bullywugs, frogmen! Initial negotiations were tough, as none of us spoke a common language, but quickly we managed to organize a meeting with the village druid, a dwarf, and entered the village by means of a mud slide. Inside the village they learned that the bullywug keep was under assault by
kua-tao, and they needed help taking it back. We managed to come to an agreement, where we would help them take it back in return for some of the treasure inside, and the chalice. We also met Bullymore, a friendly bullywug merchant who traded with us for the Map of Mapping. We assaulted the keep, using the superior strategy of rush in and break things. After entering the keep, we broke down a wall and began fighting the kua-tao, eventually getting the best of them and stealing one of their special sticky shields. I also found, and promptly donned, The Cape of the Babyface. Vlad the Butcher was unfortunately stoned by a cockatrice, but we pressed on, we knew he would return soon. We eventually did battle with the chief kua-tao in a flooding chamber, while we battled him, Patrick Stump (Rumplestumple) searched the chamber for the chalice, and secured some other treasure as well. We eventually slew the kua-tao, and found The Chalice, as well as The Headband of Beard.

NEXT TIME: Tensions Rise! The party takes sides!

Road to Pirates #2
Allegiances Revealed! A shadowy figure from Kaz's past!

Welcome back to the adventure of the “Unnamed Pirates”, today we venture further into our history, and learn about “Kaz”‘s past! Brace yourself, because you’re about to be shocked!

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, they had stopped for the night at an inn and began to debate what crew to join. When the morning came, the party awoke and headed to the docks, “Kaz” armed with a newly made lightning-rod staff of his own design. When the party reached the docks, they began to debate which crew to join. I, being the cleverest of the party, deduced that the Halfling was actually a pirate, which is what we set out to be, but the rest of the party did not believe me, and I was charmed by “Kaz”, who wanted to join the privateer’s crew. After a moment, I climbed the rigging, only to discover that the captain of the Privateer’s boat, Nadine Strongsword, was actually the monk I had dueled just a day earlier, shocked at this discover, I made a tactical revaluation of the situation. Upon climbing back out of the water, I realized that Kaz was already negotiating with her, when suddenly he was grabbed and taken to the ground by a ferocious red orc. I lept to his rescue, suprised that none of my allies, Kain or Patrick Stump (Rumplestumple), were worried. I soon realized why, as what I though was an attack was actually a hug, they were old friends. Thus I was introduced to Vlad the Butcher, an old ally of “Kaz”‘s, presumably they had served on a ship together. After brushing myself off, we agreed to go on a mission to retrieve a magic chalice from an island for the Strongsword’s, as a test of our skill before we were allowed to join. We set off, after only a brief delay due to trouble with the Watch, to the island! Upon washing up on the island, we began the search. We did not find the chalice, but instead we found a strange fey presence and, to our shock, realized that “Hags are fey!”. We were ambushed by a sea hag, only defeating her due to our immense skill, and some aid from survivors of a shipwrecked boat. After besting the hag, we set out to interrogate the shipwreck survivors about the location of the chalice. To our shock, we realized that the ship bearing the chalice had wrecked on shore but a day ago, and had been raided by strange creatures that took the chalice. Our crew, emboldened by our recent victories, set out to recover the chalice and slay the evil beasts that stole it.

NEXT TIME: Danger in the Jungle! A mysterious village!

Road to Pirates #1
The Adventure Begins! Heroes take the stage!

Bonjour, my dear friends! Welcome to the adventures of my motley crew of pirates, which are still unnamed. These adventures are chronicled by yours truly, Dominique J. Russeo, if you have any questions, please direct them to Eomund Hearthgard, I’m sure he’ll find a way to get them to me. Now, buckle up your pants, as we begin the tale!

In a bustling town in the middle of the Dwarven Lands, eight adventurers banded together to guard a caravan along it’s path into the Elven Lands, transporting beer to dwarven prisoners. Along the way we did heroic battle with a band of cruel goblins, made unlikely friends in the form of Goob, and eventually abandoned one of our party, Jimmy the dwarf, in a dwarven town by the border. We trekked on into the Ghostlands! Heroically battling the undead, finding my trusty KPS, and losing our least valued party member, a lazy warlock with few applicable skills, in a sandstorm. We eventually found a portal out of the Ghostlands, angered a powerful wizard, and fled into the Elven lands. There was much confusion in the Elven lands, though they were very nice, as a party member was jailed, and we only barely managed to pay her bail with her share of the money. A viscous storm hit the city, and “Kaz” drew ever distant from the party. We ventured forth, looking for a ship to set out to sea on, and found two options. One was a privateer, Nadine Strongsword, and one was our current captain, Jollylegs Stu. I also heroically dueled Nadine, but she bested me in the end. Humiliated, we fled the scene, meeting with “Kaz” who had left the town long ago. We settled for a night in the inn, and began to debate our choices.

NEXT TIME: Allegiances revealed, a shadowy figure from Kaz’s past!


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