Road to Pirates!

Road To Pirates #6

An Obstacle In The Path! Kaz goes off alone! Part 1/Part 2

Welcome back, it’s been a while. I realize I may not ave’ been quiet as speedy in my duties as I should ave’ been, but I am back nonetheless. Today, we ave’ an exciting tale, it covers more ground than most, because I’ve been gone for a while, so behold! An Obstacle In The Path!

Upon arriving in Nandor, I, Dominique J. Russeo, began the hunt for information regarding my homeland, while the “Kaz” went off into the wilderness to search for something. While Kaz searched the woods, the rest of us competed in the Nandor Games, a competition of strength and skill. Eventually, we finished the games with a great victory from…. Eomund Hearthgard maybe? I don’t actually remember who won. Anyway, that’s not the important part, Kaz had met a Mysterious Woman, who helped him find the tower he was searching for. However, upon arriving at his objective, Kaz was bitten and nearly slain by a werewolf. Shortly afterwards, we raced off to search for Kaz, for… some reason, mostly we just followed Kain Blazesworn, who rode off on Lion. Eventually we found him, and he convinced the others to leave him alone, but not I, I waited and hid, eavesdropped on his conversation and snuck back to the tower. Kaz and I had a brief (probably multi-hour, actually) encounter at the tower, before I headed out to tell the others about the Mysterious Woman. We had accepted a job from her, and while I was gone, Eomund Hearthgard had hired a minotaur to join us, and Patrick Stump (Rumplestumple) had set the kitchen on fire by accident. I put the fire out while the rest attempted to leave and sneak up on Kaz. Long story short, everyone made it back to the boat, and we awoke in the night to find an accursed boat assaulting the shores, I don’t remember the name, it was, like [[The Arial Scandanavian, The Hovering Caucasian, The Soaring Inuit, The Skybound Chap, etc. | The Arial Scandanavian, The Hovering Caucasian, The Soaring Inuit, The Skybound Chap, etc.]], something like that. We sailed into battle, confronting the captain and eventually slaying him, and somehow absorbing his soul into a strange amulet that “Kaz” was carrying, we are currently unaware of what this means.

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The cursed ship was called the “Aerial Scandinavian”

Road To Pirates #6
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